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Community Grants

Grants for community projects and programs within Grey & Bruce Counties

NOTICE - Community Foundation Grey Bruce announces that the deadline for submission of community grant applications has been moved from April 15 to June 15, 2020. This extension gives local charities and non-profits more time to prepare their applications while dealing with the COVOD-19 pandemic that has prompted closure of all non-essential business in Ontario. Selected projects should be able to proceed by September 1st or possibly August 1st.


Community project and program grants are made to qualifying organizations recognized by Revenue Canada as registered charities.

Groups without charitable registration may be sponsored by a "qualified donee" provided the sponsoring body agrees to be jointly accountable with the applicant for the use of the grant with signed legal documentation. For definition re "qualified donee" go to: Sponsor agreement forms may be accessed within the application form or by clicking on the pertinent button below.

Contact Grants Co-ordintor Wendy Bachiu here to ensure your project is eligible for funding before filling out an application form or email the Foundation office 

Applicants are required to read the criteria before filling out an application form. Criteria may vary from year to year.

View application criteria for Community Grants

Click here to access the application form for community grants for projects & programs.

 ***Please note - this is new granting software so, in order to apply, you will need to set up a new account by using the easy-to-follow instructions on the home page. This account will be used for future grants.

Deadline for Spring application is now June 15th and September 15th for Fall application.


Below are forms for applicants who are not CRA registered charities and will be using a qualified donee sponsor. Links to these forms are also in the application form.

Form for CRA registered charity as sponsor

Form for Municipal sponsor as qualified donee