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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We may be interested in starting a fund to which our family and friends can contribute in the future. Who do I talk to?
    • Stuart Reid is the Executive Director and he is happy to meet and discuss options with you. Phone the office at 519-371-7203 or send Stuart an email.

  • Where does the Foundation get the money for granting?
    • When an endowed fund is set up by a donor, the donation is pooled with all other endowed fund money and invested by professional money managers. The income earned the previous year is used for grants in the present year.

  • What does the Foundation use to operate the office and pay the staff?
    • Several endowed funds have been designated the income earned yearly to be specifically used for Foundation operations. In addition, a percentage of the earned income of each endowed fund held by the Foundation is collected as Administrative Fees. At present that fee is 1.5%.

  • I want to donate in memory of my father from Bruce County but I live in Calgary. How can I donate?
    • Donations can easily be made through CanadaHelps, by mailing a cheque or by phoning the Foundation office and using your credit card. 

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  • My son will graduate from secondary school soon. Are there any scholarships available from the Foundation?
    • Community Foundation Grey Bruce has several scholarships, bursaries or awards that have been set up by fund holders who want to see Grey Bruce students excel in their education. As well, a specific website has been set up listing other known scholarships.

      Scholarship opportunities.

  • We are an organization that is not a charity registered with Canadian Revenue Agency. Can we still apply for a grant?
    • Yes, it is possible. If your group is a non-profit or an ad hoc committee, it may ask another registered charity or the local municipality to act as a sponsor. This means the sponsor would sign an agreement that would give them authority to accept the grant money on the applying organization’s behalf, then forward to the organization who would carry out the project.

  • Why can’t the Foundation just give the grant to our non-profit organization instead of to a sponsor
    • Community Foundation Grey Bruce is mandated by Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and is required to write grant cheques only to “qualified donees” as defined here. An organization that has non-profit status may not be a charity registered with CRA.

  • Our organization is in Brampton, can we get a grant?
    • Community Foundation Grey Bruce is the major funder for projects which benefit the residents and take place only in the geographical region of Grey & Bruce Counties. Nonprofits that have an office in the counties are eligible to apply. Check this website to see if your area has a Community Foundation.