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Vital Focus on Housing Report Released



Community Foundation Grey Bruce has released its Vital Focus on Housing Report online. The report includes findings related to housing in Grey and Bruce Counties that address affordability and accessibility, equity, living standards, and wellbeing.  The Vital Focus on Housing Report aims to prompt conversation and broaden awareness around issues that our community is facing related to housing. The report integrates local data from various sources and translates it into a readable and accessible format that tells the story about how Grey and Bruce Counties are measuring up. The report highlights stories of innovation and resilience through features on community projects that directly address impacts of the housing crisis.


Key take-aways from the Vital Focus on Housing Report:

Both Grey County and Bruce County are desired locations for migrants from the GTA. Housing prices are climbing higher and higher.
The housing crisis is not just a problem for the economically challenged. Working people who traditionally could be thought of as “middle-class” are experiencing lack of housing options.
Supports for the homeless or the housing-challenged are inadequate.
Not everyone has the same equal access to affordable housing.
Partnerships are key to finding solutions. Governments, developers, social services, and charities need to work together towards solutions.


Stuart Reid, Executive Director of the Foundation says: “This report is landing at a time when housing is top-of-mind for so many people facing challenges in our community.  We hope that the data and human perspectives shared in this Vital Focus prompt conversations across the region.”


Vital Signs® uses local knowledge to measure our community wellbeing and supports actions towards improving the quality of life for all. Vital Signs® is Canada’s most extensive community-driven data program, spearheaded by Community Foundations of Canada and led by community foundations across the country and around the world. Created in 1994, Community Foundation Grey Bruce has a mandate to enhance community vitality by fostering open discussion about local need, sharing knowledge, and growing endowments to provide strategic granting and support to a wide range of non-profit organizations.

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